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Just drop in a few minutes early to meet the coach and fill out a release form. 

I'm ready to start CrossFit...

Start with our Intro Class!


EVERY new CrossFit member MUST complete a mandatory Intro Class before starting the CrossFit classes. 

We want to ensure you get all the attention needed during your intro. class, for this reason we can not schedule any intro classes during our scheduled class times.


Air Squat

Push Up

Sit Up


Box Jump

Wall Ball

Kettle Bell Swing 


And Lifts like...



Front Squat

Overhead Squat

Clean & Jerk

Shoulder Press

Push Press




The purpose is to give you a base knowledge so that you feel more confident in joining a group for a CrossFit class.

Again...all classes are lead by great coaches who will help you adapt along the way.


*If you have a base knowledge of CrossFit, please give us a call to schedule your first class.


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